Naseem Javed’s writings are published all over the world.
This is what some have to say about him:

“Naseem is a compelling and creative thought leader in image supremacy
and the world of branding and global domain name expansion “

Rod Beckstrom,
an American author, high-tech entrepreneur,
and former CEO and President of ICANN.
He previously served as Director of the National Cyber Security Center.

“Naseem has been a terrific contributor to Blitz over the last 8 years. Not only have his columns been entertaining, but he has a way of producing ideas and information that no one else has yet thought of.”

Louise Aird,
Publisher & Editor, Blitz Magazine USA

“Javed has changed the face of many huge corporations and is a master of corporate naming”

CBC Canada

“Naseem Javed’s original writing style, quality of content and ideas on branding make him a popular and widely read contributor. We always welcome his ideas, as they are unique, provoking and often very funny.”

Ben Shingleton.
Editor UK

“The ideas in Naseem Javed’s articles are thought provoking and stand the test of time. Javed’s quiet prose leads you gently and safely through turbulent marketing landscapes. If you are the strategist for your company, then ignoring Javed is like ignoring a class 5 hurricane warning when you live in Florida.”

Zsolt Kerekes,
Editor, USA

“Some people may know him as an author of books, to others he is known as a celebrated speaker on conferences, but we have the pleasure of working with Naseem as a columnist. With a reader audience that operates in the dynamic world market of fast-moving consumer goods, it is their struggle to stay on top of the latest developments and gain the edge over their competitors. More and more, this battle is fought over the Internet, a battleground that knows few seasoned advisors. Naseem Javed has provided our readers with in-depth knowledge about the mechanics of this arena in his sharp-witted outlines that prove him to be a valuable source of management information to the decisive and forward looking entrepreneur.”

Andre van der Wiel,
Fresh plaza, Holland.

“Naseem makes you think about branding in a way you never did before. He points to all the little aspects in branding that can do so much good if done right and so much harm if done wrong."

Damar Recklies Germany

 "Clear thoughts. Good ideas. Naseem Javed weaves a lucid story as he puts across his point of view.”

Richa Bansal,
Executive Editor IMAGES Business of Fashion New Delhi

“Naseem Javed is a new media branding guru. His insights about branding in the information age have been very relevant to our readers. Add to that his ability to be succinct and colorful in his writings, and you have readers who are able to clearly apply his insights to their marketing challenges.”

Rafiuddin Shikoh
Editor, DinarStandard

“International marketing and branding guru, Naseem Javed has been writing for
regularly since 2004. His articles are very
interesting, of great relevance to our readership in the media, marketing and advertising industry in Southern Africa, and succinct, well written and of a wonderfully entertaining, Conversational style, that makes them a favorite amongst our 45 000 weekly subscriber base
and 127 000 total readers monthly. It gives us a global edge to have writers of his caliber contributing
to our daily news and information service.”

Louise Marsland
Editor:, South Africa

"That Naseem Javed is recognized, as a world authority on global name identities and domain issues are well known. What is also worth noting is that when it comes to cyber-branding games, there are probably few better exponents of what is oftentimes an activity whose criticality to a business proposition is underestimated. Javed’s skill lies in his capacity to weave together diverse but interrelated issues into a simple and lucidly expressed idea. I am confident this compendium will offer as much to readers by way of insight as have Javed’s weekly columns on” 

Thomas Abraham,
Managing Editor India

“An extremely helpful guide to the intricate world of brand names.
His research and writing is a real surviving kit for a businessman.”

Oleg Danilov
Computerra Online

“The CEO Refresher is “brain food for business” and Naseem Javed is a regular and valued contributor. He has deep knowledge and experience in branding, naming, marketing and the Internet and his insights always challenge you to think, explore and innovate. His articles are always engaging and entertaining and they always “twist your head” just a bit, to be able to see beyond - a true insight and thought leader.”

Rick Sidorowicz,
The CEO Refresher, Canada

“Naseem Javed is like one of those trusted scouts they used to send far ahead of the covered wagon caravans in olden days. His jobs were to look carefully for approaching danger, and sound the warning if necessary. And so Naseem scans the horizon of the Internet, corporate image branding, China, domain issues, search engines, e-commerce and email marketing-- for starters -- and occasionally finds something to be wary about. But more often, he just brings to your attention trends and shifts in the technological landscape that most people in covered wagons would never ever think about, let along see.

John Gerstner,
New Communitelligence USA

“Names are perhaps the single-most important issue of corporate communication today,’’ said Naseem Javed, With millions and millions of product names clashing in cyberspace, a name is no longer something people can sit around a kitchen and come up with.’’ A company can no longer say, ‘’We make machines for business and we are international, so we will be”

“GENERAL MOTORS worked for an industrial giant in the 20’s, but it doesn’t work today,’’ Javed said. ‘’The loose change is gone -- all those zodiac signs and constellations, GENESIS and EGASUS, they’re all gone. Apples, oranges, pineapples. Look at the newspaper business -- you have thousands of papers, and they’re all COURIER or JOURNAL or DISPATCH or POST. These people have a hell of a problem going into cyberspace.’’

James Gleik,
New York Times,

“Naming for power would have saved months of time on our new international naming.”
IBM Canada

“Javed’s book is powerful reading from a master of the name game.” Globe & Mail “If you want
a legendary name,” says Javed,
“it must belong to you.”
Chicago Tribune

“Naming for Power is a must read for anyone who thinks naming is easy.”
Johnson & Johnson

“Javed is clearly a genius and probably knows more about this captivating subject
than anyone on Earth.”

Winnipeg Free Press

“A good name means the difference between ringing cash registers or quick extinction.” 
The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Glistering names in their home country often turn dull when they cross borders.”
Toronto Star

“A funny and sometimes shocking book.”
Kansas City Star

“This global naming expert lectures and travels all over the world with his unique message”