Single or Multiple Brand Name Identities
Ask not where your brand names identities came from but rather where are they headed?
Unless there is a proper evaluation of exactly where the name identity is today and where it's headed, be prepared to face the flames. If you have just heard of ICANN gTLD you are already few years behind.

The greatest advertising minds of the last century or the Madmen of the recent times will not survive the onslaught unless they embrace the new frontiers of name identity management. Global domain name expansion is a reality and a now becoming a major force impacting every single name brand identity in the world. The greatest naming adjustment in the history of branding is headed.

Study deeply the new naming highways and pursue to become the masters of market domination via name identity. With application of right knowledge to the right name in the right medium for the right idea there are exceptional opportunities. Study and prepare yourself to cope with this new age naming revolution.

Dotcom Domain Name Portfolios
What will happen to the current inventory of tens of millions of dotcom domain names in speculative trade and private holdings all over the world? What are the prudent ways to immediately weed out
all the names, select winners and losers and make room for the brand new opportunities emerging
from the new 1000 plus new gTLDs?

The accidental naming and random pooling of names by speculators during the dotcom scarcity days now demands sophisticated naming skills and knowledge of corporate nomenclature befitting the age
of over abundance of choices of domain names.

Professional and objective evolutions will achieve three objectives; first the right value of the current portfolio, discovery of hidden gems and waste, lastly the best negotiation angles to move the inventory fast and possibly make room for new opportunities when 1930 new gTLDs start to dominate the game.
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No matter what business name identity you have, always know its hidden powers and weaknesses. Drive your campaigns based on the true profile and hidden meanings of your name. Or else, your campaigns are a shot in the dark.

What secret messages of love, hate or profanity is your name identity emulating?
How does your name’s alpha structure compare to perceived notions?
How visible are the names and what are they communicating?
How secure is your name identity? Are there regional traps of perceptions?
How much lasting power does your domain name have in the realm of e-commerce?
Do you command 100% ownership of your brand?
Are you prepared to face the reality of the Five Star Standard of Naming?

You may have started out by selecting the best name with the best intentions, and it may have worked wonders in the past, but with intense global competition and shifting trends, the best of the best names lose their power. Meanings are washed aside by new perceptions, and old values often change to new ones. Without a solid name identity, you have no real brand. Without absolute 100% name ownership, you are not in the image building game.

To name a few trends; the most common challenge is when the combination of two words compressed into a single name shoots an entirely different meaning and no longer projects the original double barrel theme. When several words are forced into creating one highly condensed telescoped name, this only creates a monstrosity only understood by its creators but not the public at large. Management stays convinced of combining words into one while the customer has no idea of the creative force behind and sees the oddity through an entirely different lens. If your name is emulating multiple perceptions it will also cut your sales and profits in equal multiples.

Organizations are also simply not aware that an extra letter added or chopped off from their name may have already shifted the force of desired message into some unknown confused meaning and turning customers off.

Organizations only see their name identity always surrounded by a full blown graphic package. But in reality, most names came across naked and stripped of all the fancy dressage, they pop-up either in conversations
or on the internet where they look and sound very different in the rhythm of the language and so often lose their desired meaning and perceptions.

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